Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today is the first day

Many people have been asking me how I personally play StarCraft, and what are my common strategies. Well; today I will be showing you exactly how I play. I will be doing a series of these, starting with Terran.

As many of you know, the new patch is coming to town. So with that being said, some of the information in this post may be "out-of-date" to some viewers.

Terran Vs Terran

Terran Vs Terran, or as most call it TvT, is the most boring game to play, and watch. TvT is based off of, which player can mech the fastest. So I will be showing you my basic build; in a TvT match.

Basic Build Orders

10 : Supply Depot
12 : Barracks
13 : Refinery
14 : Scout
16 : Orbital Command Upgrade
17 : Marine/SCV
18 : Supply Depot
20 : First Factory
22 : Tech Lab - Barracks
23-24 : Swap with Factory
23-25 : 2nd Supply Depot
24-25 : 2nd Refinery
24-26 : Siege Tank
23-28 : Command Center
26-34 : Starport ( choice )

This Basic build is used for a fast expansion. Watch for for thor drops, Starport can be used to create vikings to prevent this. Also get senor towers in somewhere with a choke point. And high grounds. It always helps :)

Terran Vs Protoss

Terran Vs Protoss is quite easy. Also known as TvP is my favorite match-up. I will show you my favorite build against Protoss and how i like to build it. Most of these builds may be changed by your own preference, and/or map you are on.

10 : Supply Depot
12 : Barracks
13 : Refinery
14 : Scout with SCV
15-16 : Orbital Command
15-16 : Marine
16 : Supply Depot
16 : Tech Lab on Barracks
17 : 2nd Barracks
18 : Marauder
20 : Constant marine production
23 : Ghost Academy 

This is my basic build order. Oh and remember you may change this to your liking, and depending on the map/play style of the opposing opponent.

Terran Vs Zerg

Terran Vs Zerg; also known as TvZ is somewhat difficult at times. Because you can not really tell when unit Zerg are going to mass, unlike Terran and Protoss where it is easy to spot the mass of Barracks, Factories, or for toss, Robotic Facility, and Stargates; searching zerg is a must.

10 : Supply Depot
12 : Barracks
13 : Refinery
16 : Orbital Command
17-18 : Factory
17-18 : Supply Depot
18-20 : Refinery
18-20 : Reactor on Barracks
19-22 : Swap Factory onto Reactor
19-22 : Tech Lab on Barracks
20-22 : 2nd Barracks / Tech lab addon

Basically this build is used to force the Zerg to go Roaches to fight off the hellions, some zerg players will go air. If the Zerg player is indeed going air, stop productions of the maraduar's you are making, and build a starport. Remember, this build can be changed to your preference and/or based off of map.

Thanks for reading! I'll be bringing you a Protoss build order soon
Remember these are my own build orders!


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